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Mr. Chase has been taking care of our condominium, both the interior as well as the exterior, in regards to general and specific cleaning since September of 2013. From regular cleaning to detailing; Jeffrey’s eye when it comes to Attention to Detail (ATD) is second to none.

Through Mr. Chase’s Time Management, Proactive and Preventative Maintenance skills, he is able to effectively, efficiently s well as proactively address and complete requested tasks. Mr. Chase’s knowledge and comfort level with all aspects of cleaning meshed with areas of cause and concern creates a well established professional relationship that is not only informative yet cost effective.

In addition to Mr. Chase’s general cleaning abilities; his knowledge and proactive mentality in regards to repairs and interior decorating/design has made him a tremendous asset to us. Repairing, replacing or simply getting rid of has not only saved us in respective costs but respective utility conservation as well.

We have been so fortunate to have Jeffrey in our lives not only as a friend and confidant but an honest and productive professional in addition.

Excellent Service…
Jeffrey was very punctual, and came on fairly short notice. He did a great job replacing my toilet. Went to the store and got the necessary parts. Price was very reasonable. I would highly reccomend him to anyone.

Great service and reliable. JRCHASE LLC is the handyman to call!

He was an excellent! He was professional and a gentleman. I was very impressed! He did the job right away! I will be using him again!

Jeff gave excellent service and beautiful work. I will be hiring him back for extra work and Iwill use him in the future!

We contacted Jeffrey to install some ceiling fans and lighting fixtures at our condo. Due to some old wiring in the unit, the job proved to be more difficult than originally planned. Despite the extra time it took him, he stood by his quote and delivered excellent work. Extremly pleased to find someone with integrity & skill. We will definitely be using him again for additional projects & highly recommend his services.

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